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Friday, July 14, 2006

The 11th Element

This is is a pretty interesting site:

I read aspects of the book called "The 11th Element" . Some of it's kind of "new agey", but I think he's onto something. I think his message is about getting in touch with your spirit and being aware that there is an invisible spiritual realm.

He states that there is an invisible "spiritual internet" that people can tap into. He also discusses getting in touch with your "Inner CEO", which I believe is another way of describing your "inner man", "spirit man", intuition or your conscience. His grandfather used this concept to build the company Man Power, Inc. The concept relates to the idea of 6 degrees of seperation, but in a spiritual sense.

I tend to believe this is true. If you've been on job you've probably noticed some invisible "synergy" going on that's has a theme. People start thinking the same thing, even without discussing it and in seperate sections of the organization. It's intriguing.

This is an interesting link as well:


He declares that we subconsciouly all have a financial blueprint that we operate within. It's kind of like an unconsciouse thermostat that sets the climate for our financial life. If you can upgrade your underling financial blueprint, you will begin to see financial increase manifest in your life. It's based on the concept that your inner life eventually manifests in your outer life. It all starts within...

I think what he's talks about is renewing the "spirit of your mind". The spirit of your mind is your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind tends to govern things without you realizing it. In some cases it can be a great friend and in other cases it needs to be "renewed" with God's Word. God's promises can renew the spirit of your mind and bring you out of sickness into health, poverty into wealth, defeat into victory. Meditation in God's Word is one of the keys to "renewing the spirit of your mind". (Psalm 1).

Begin to see yourself in a new way and envision a bigger future.

This is a great book along those line to stir up your vision:



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