Victorious Insights For Living: Regarding Employment And Meaninglessness

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Regarding Employment And Meaninglessness

This is an amazing message that was sent via email. I don't know who wrote it, but it's packed with wisdom about handing issues on the job and remembering that regardless of the situation, you are a person of true purpose and a destiny.... Let the healing balm of this word touch you in a special way. You are the best.

Regarding Employment & Meaningless
Regarding employment and meaninglessness: I think one way to counteract the meaninglessness is to think about what you appreciate. Your own home, your dogs, your car, that you have a job that at least for now you are contributing your insights to. You have friends to communicate with and you have an outlet now and then with theater. These areas and there are more are indications of your identity. They indicate the ideas, joy, humor, insight, compassion that you bring with you -- this is also your employment. Your very qualities are the employment and they're available wherever you go, and where you those qualities are needed.

Thoughts On The Next Phase
I think if you feel you are ready for something that affirms more of yourself, of your employment, this is very good.

Listen: Just having a legitimate desire for something better for yourself and more meaningful for you to do is enough for now. Keep mindful of that desire, know it's there, access it in thought, let it bloom. Just by doing this you will be contributing to the moment when the next phase is apparent. Think about this, and then take comfort in it and take it with you to your job. By taking your gratitude for what I mentioned at first, and your quiet desire for a better employment affirmation, to your job: you will regain your essential perspective. Your essential perspective keeps things balanced.

See It Differently
Reacting to the personality of others is reflexive: so counteract that with seeing others who might bother you as perhaps victimized by what they do that bothers you, and be nice to them in a quiet way; also look to see what is good in them.

You're there because what you have to offer is needed now so do your task at hand and put personalities on the backburner. Think of them as not your concern. Be pleasant and cooperative.

Let Your Higher Self Shine Through
Approaching it thus you keep your better presence affirmed, a presence that you already know has no business mucking around in areas that will define a lesser you. That way you can be there without being touched. And remember all the while you stay in your uprightness you will be maintaining your purpose and that purpose is therefore preparing itself for what is approaching it for a mutual need connection that will happen gracefully.

Don't splam your thought into anything else but the obvious good you see and are doing and willing to do. Don't worry about how or when or what it will be: just nurture quietly and gratefully your willingness and desire for something more substantial and affirmative. That's all.


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