Victorious Insights For Living: My Testimony

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Testimony

I got saved about 12 years ago. I wasn't raised in a Christian home, but always believed that there was a Creator or a Great Spirit.

The Search Begins...
I had different periods of hunger for God. When I was 21, I began to search for God. Being Native American (Tlingit-Winnebago), I began to pray to the Creator. I didn't know to pray in the Name of Jesus, but sought God through the Indian way. The Creator whom I prayed to seemed distant, like a dim bulb in the sky. I prayed, but seemingly nothing happened. Later I realized that God had indeed heard me and responded to my prayers.

An Uneasy Awareness
After I graduated from college I moved to Washingto DC for an internship. My life of sin and lack of integrity began to catch up with me and I began to feel a sense of hopelessness and burden of despair that I couldn't seem to lose. When I looked at my eyes in the mirror they looked haughtened and old. I never felt so alone, but the aloneness helped me to realize that inside, I was truly empty.

A Defining Moment
My uncle miraculously got a job in Virginia. We talked quite a bit. One night he told me I needed Jesus Christ. An intense battle was waged for my soul. The Presence and Power of God was in the room, nudging at my heart. My mind said: "No! We don't need religion", but my heart said: "Yes! I need Jesus!" After hours of wrestingly with the question, my heart won. I said "Yes. I want God in my life". When I said "Yes" a heavy burden lifted and a sense of hope and peace invaded my inner man.

A New Beginning
When I awoke the next day my eyes looked alive and new. I felt cleansed and new. When I prayed, the Creator no longer seemed like a dim bulb in the sky. His Presence and Power invaded my life. He was now nearer then anything I had ever experienced and realized He loved me with a love that passes all understanding.

Since that time, I've had ups and downs in life, but I wouldn't trade my worst day with Jesus for my best day without him.


God bless.... - MM


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